Monday, June 17, 2013

Making Homemade Nutella - You Heard Me!

One of the most amazing things we did during my recent Sweet Escape food retreat is a workshop on making common food pantry items from scratch.  Not only did we make homemade ketchup and a quick recipe for strawberry jam, but also created my favorite thing - that sweet piece-de-resistance - which is Nutella.

I couldn't believe we actually got our hands on an easy, homemade version of this delicious spread, and I look forward to trying it at home, with some creative variations.  The recipe I'm sharing below is based on  my observation, but I'll make sure to share Alejandra's official recipe when I get it.  I hope you enjoy it, and spread it on every yummy imaginable thing.

Alejandra's Homemade Nutella

Ingredients - makes a large 16 oz jar
4 cups of blanched hazelnuts
2 cups of powdered sugar
2/3 cup of cocoa (can be Dutch cocoa)
2 tsp of vanilla extract

4 tbs of hazelnut oil
A pinch of salt

Place hazelnuts in a food processor and grind up until super fine.  Add cocoa and continue to mix until well incorporated.  Add salt, vanilla extract and hazelnut oil and keep mixing until everything is incorporated and forms into a creamy, spreadable consistency.  You'll probably still get something a little chunky, but it tastes wonderful and just like store-bought Nutella (if not better).

After the Nutella was done, we continued to spread it on everything in sight including delicious
La Briola pretzel buns, graham crackers, strawberries, and from the spoon directly. I think you get the idea, and hope you enjoy making yours too!

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