Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Queens County Market at SingleCut Beersmiths is Another Hit

This past Sunday, the
We Heart Astoria ladies and I went over to Singlecut for another awesome rendition of Queens County Market.  This was my second time experiencing it, in a different venue and once again, it was fantastic.  

The Setup:
I loved the setup in the back where all the beer magic happens (the brew room), which allowed for ample space for the exhibitors and for the patrons as well.  There's a huge square butcher block table in the middle of the room where people congregated with their freshly bought treats - exchanging ideas, opinions and recommendations.  This back space was also great because it allowed for privacy from the front-of-the-house tap room that was quite boisterous.

The Food:
Although I enjoyed pretty much everything I tried at the market, there are a few stand-outs that I'd like to highlight here:

Native Coffee Roasters  - This is my new obsession, and I was happy to meet Brian, the founder and creator of this fragrant delight.  Brewed right here in Astoria and distributed in a variety of local outlets including, Mackenzi's SITE, Native coffee exemplifies everything an artisan product should - great quality, flavor and real people behind it.  Look out for a fun Native coffee giveaway on We Heart Astoria soon.

New Amsterdam Baking Company - It was so refreshing to see this company at Queens County Market, as it was their very first day in operation.  The owners, a husband and wife team, were not only genuinely excited to be there, they produced an excellent product.  Look out for their specialty bundt and bourbon cakes.  My personal favorite was the double chocolate pretzel bundt with salted caramel.  

Malu - I never cease to be impressed by Malu and their incredible homemade flavors of ice cream.  On Sunday, I was lucky to try the bourbon maple bacon with actual bits of chewy bacon inside.  It was absolutely delectable and a must try.  The vanilla ice cream that the bourbon maple bacon was intertwined with was also exemplary. 

Check back with Queens County Market for their next event happening in June - I know it'll be awesome!

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