Sunday, August 28, 2011

Malu – Putting the Spice into Ice Cream

Malu - 12-09 Jackson Avenue, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue

After first noticing Malu Ice Cream at this year’s Taste of LIC, I was eager to check out this new sweet spot. Since its opening back in June, it received some nice reception from the LIC and Astoria community and it seems like a welcome addition to the nabe.

Made with top-notch quality ingredients, Malu prides itself in producing a simple, nostalgic sweet treat. Additionally to its many flavors that change daily, they also have other yummy nosh such as chocolate covered cereal, gummy bears, and other candies. I went in casually one night this week and got myself some ice cream. To make a long story short, I’ll definitely be back. Here’s why…


Located on Jackson Avenue, right next to the Little Oven and a nearby sports bar, Malu is nicely situated to enjoy some good foot traffic. Its friendly storefront has an inviting bench outside where you can sit and devour their delicious ice cream, and I noticed someone hanging out there with their dogs.

Once you step inside, the cheeriness continues – the exposed brick walls and colorful embellishments make Malu wonderfully pleasant and a welcome place to sit and hang your hat. I noticed it’s very kid friendly, the shopkeepers even displaying colorful kid art on the walls, which I thought was a sweet touch.

Ice Cream:

There are plenty of varieties of both ice cream and sorbet right as you come in. From classic fruit flavors to interesting ice cream blends, the selection is anything but boring. I chose a small cup with two scoops of ice cream – blueberry graham crunch and Jose’s chocolate picante. The former I tried in advance, a friendly Malu clerk offering me a spoonful of it in a real spoon (none of that plastic stuff). I thought this was a nice gesture that made the experience more authentic.

Blueberry Graham Crunch & Jose’s Chocolate Picante – I loved the combination of these two flavors. The blueberry tasted wonderfully tangy and was made with real blueberries. The graham crackers that were spiced with cinnamon added a smoky element, which upped the flavor quotient.

The spicy chocolate scoop was something else. Made with dark chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet but still tasted luxurious, while the heat from the chili made your throat tickle. It had such an interesting kick, producing something very unique. Not sure if I would’ve loved it on its own, but paired with a more traditional flavor like the blueberry, it was a fantastic combo.

Service & Cost:

Malu’s service was excellent – friendly, accommodating and completely hospitable. In my ice cream intoxication, I even forgot to pay for my order, the clerk later making a joke out of it and not making me feel the least bit foolish. I think I was so excited to eat it, that I couldn’t possibly think of anything else.

Costs are moderate and absolutely worth it for the good quality you’re getting. My two scoops set me back $4 even, which I thought was more than fair.

3 Mmmms


  1. This place is amazing! The cinnamon is to die for. Unreal. You have to try this place!

  2. I really enjoyed their ice cream last weekend - the maple bacon was truly amazing! I hope to try the spicy chocolate at some point. I also want to try their affogato, mmm...



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