Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unusual Brunchin' at Pachanga Patterson

I can never turn down brunch plans and thought it would be fun to go to Pachanga Patterson with Renne (of Single Girl Cookies).  We originally planned to just grab coffee, but thought this would be the perfect excuse to try something new.  While I've been to Pachanga on several occasions, I've never yet tried brunch, and was totally intrigued.

While they have the usual suspects such as omelets, an egg sandwich, even a breakfast burger on the menu, I went for something totally different, which were their chicken hot dogs.  Renee also chose something more lunchy and went with their signature tacos.

Chicken Hot Dogs
- Even though I was on the fence about getting these, our waitress convinced me they were fabulous.  I totally agreed and was right away intrigued by the crunchy cabbage/apple slaw that was layered on top of the dogs.  The hot dog itself was delicious and quite light, I only wished it was a little bit bigger and that they went easier on the bread.  The mayo sauce on top totally worked and went nicely with the vinegary, crunchy slaw.  If I had to do it over again, I'd definitely get them, and I was glad they didn't make me feel overly full or heavy - the portion was quite right.

Single Girl Sweets - I also nibbled on some Single Girl treats including Renee's new lemon cupcake with a beautiful little lemon rind on top.  The frosting was stupendously creamy and tart and coupled nicely with the moist, dense dough.  I loved the manageable size as well, which was just enough for two delectable bites.

Renee's signature chocolate chip cookies were also a must try, and I loved how the chocolate morsels just melted in your mouth.  I don't know if it was because I just ate a lemon cupcake, but I tasted some lemon or orange zest in them too.  It was a welcome flavor that I totally devoured.

Service and Cost:
The service was nice throughout our meal, and both of our waitresses were attentive and friendly.  One of them was downright quirky and funny, and I loved how animatedly she described (and recommended) the chicken hot dogs.

Costs were moderate and we paid about $17 for our entrees and coffees, tax and tip included.

3 Mmmms

Pachanga Patterson - 33-17 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway

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