Monday, April 22, 2013

The Inkan Peruvian & Latin Cuisine Looks Awesome

Image by Diliana R

I found myself in LIC last Saturday, enjoying the funny and provocative antics of Honey Badger Burlesque.  It was quite a show, but more on that soon!  During my evening, I ran into a yummy looking Peruvian restaurant called The Inkan, which really intrigued me.  I noticed it, as I was on my way to the Chain Theater, and then lo and behold, there was a flyer for it at the theater as well.  I perused the menu and really liked what I saw.  Here's a sampling, in case you get an inkling for reasonable Latin food.  I'd love to try it soon, and if I was in the nabe during lunch time, I'd totally hit them up.  It looks so reasonable!

Salchipapas - French fries with frankfurters...$5.99
Papa rellena - Stuffed potato...$6.99
Empanadas Ecuatorianas de Viento - empanadas stuffed with cheese...$1.50

Rotisserie Chicken & Ribs:
Whole chicken...$10.99
Spare ribs...$4.99

Camaron al Ajillo - Sauteed shrimp with garlic sauce served with white rice...$14.99
Ceviche Mixto - Mixed seafood including mussels, clams, shrimp, squid & fresh fish marinated in lemon juice; served with sweet potato and corn...$15.99
Parihuela - Rich mixed seafood soup with mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, fish and Spanish spices...$13.99
Jalea - Fried mixed seafood with onions, tomatoes, cilantro & lemon sauce...$14.99 (personal), $28.99 (family)

Bistek Encebollado - Sirloin steak sauteed with onions & tomatoes, served with white rice & French fries...$13.99
Chuletas de Cerdo con Arroz y Habichuelas - Pork chop with rice and beans...$12.99
Mini Bandeja - Sirloin steak with white rice, beans, fried egg, sweet plantains & pork rind...$9.99
Entrana a la Parilla con Arroz Amarillo y Maduros - Grilled skirt steak with yellow rice and sweet plantains...$17.99

Sweet plantains...$3.99
Fried yucca...$3.99
Red beans...$3.99
Green plantains...$3.99

The Inkan - 45-02 23rd Street, LIC NY 11101
7 Train to Court Square

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