Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healthy Kale Salad Satisfies the Soul

I know what you may be thinking..."this looks way too green and healthy to be delicious," but it isn't so.  In the mood to eat something really earthy and good for you, I decided to put together a warm kale salad with sauteed tomatoes, onions and a bit of fresh jalapenos.  As you can see, I was lazy about cutting out all the stems and while the recipe I used recommends to eliminate them, they were just fine, adding a nice pop of purple color.

The salad was quite juicy, as it cooked in some water that I mixed in with the tomatoes and lots of fresh lemon juice.  Adding the latter really made this dish sing and eliminated the need for a lot of salt.  We enjoyed it on its own, which I admit is a little odd, but you can also pair it with a nice piece of steamed salmon, which will make for a gorgeous, well-rounded meal.

Kale Salad recipe
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