Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chocolate Chunk Delight with a Touch of Sea Salt

As the weather gets chillier this week, there's no sense in avoiding comforting, rich foods to keep us warm.  So in the spirit of keeping it decadent, I've decided to share some dessert.  It's in the form of simple, classic chocolate chunk cookies with a twist, which is a sprinkle sea salt.  Dashing this savory ingredient to top of these sweet cookies made them more special and certainly elevated their status to the next gourmand level.

I served them up during last week's Championship Sunday party and the crowd loved them.  They were super-sized and perfect for sharing or breaking apart.  They're nice to dunk in milk or if you prefer them on the chewy side, you can pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds before serving.

Just make sure to use good quality chocolate.  I prefer semi-sweet chunks, and had also mixed this batch with Vosges' Mo's Bacon bar, which was just pure delight.  

Salty Chocolate Chunk Cookies
- recipe, courtesy of Bon Appetit

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  1. Now I know why they sell cookies a lot in the beach destination. I thought that they were a peculiar sight, but it turned out that sea salt or rock salt are abundant and they add them to the ingredients of baking cookies.



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