Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time for a Healthy Break with Veggie Soup

With all the holiday eats right now, it's easy to gain a few (and then some), so I've been trying every chance I get to cook on the healthier side.  And as the weather is getting chillier too, I've been experimenting with soups, which are such a great, hearty food to satiate hunger but also to nourish the body.

I wanted to share this quick recipe for vegetable soup with you, as it's a great thing to make during the week since it only takes about a half hour or so to put it together.  You can be creative and experiment with lots of different veggies, but the ones I used are rutabagas, mushrooms, red peppers, onions and chives.  If you're a mushroom lover, I'd recommend adding in three different types of mushrooms and while the recipe below recommends dried, you can use fresh 'shrooms as well.

Hope it nourishes your tummy and your soul as much as it did for me.  Recipe for this Vegetable Soup courtesy of Whole Foods Market.  

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