Saturday, November 24, 2012

Queens Kickshaw Honors the Incredible Edible Egg

After hearing a lot of buzz about Queens Kickshaw's upcoming brunch, Mackenzi, Dan and I headed over there yesterday for a sneak preview and were really impressed.  While we didn't try everything on the menu, the items we did have delivered (and then some), whetting our appetite for the other dishes we'll try in the future as well.

Their brunch officially started today and goes through the weekend from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., which is quite the treat.  I love that the menu pays homage to the ever-so-versatile egg, which is much harder to do right than it sounds. So without further goes brunch:

French Toast
- Wowness! I love a great French Toast, and usually am not such a harsh critic when it comes to this classic dish, but Kickshaw's version really blew me away.  The brioche bread was tender and buttery and just so moist!  Dressed with a chunky pear compote, which added a beautiful earthy element, I didn't even think about maple syrup or any kind of dressing at all.  The most interesting part also was the cheese crisp stuck to the top, which had a surprising kick to it, as it was seasoned with chili powder.  Pretty fantastic!

Layered Potato Cake - Although I called this potato gratin, because that's what I thought it originally was, its flavors were amazingly nostalgic and comforting.  The creaminess of the potato cake, juxtaposed with the runny fried eggs was just like reliving a fun family get together during Hanukkah.  It reminded me of the starchy foods we'd eat then and I can't wait for this time to come around again - very soon.

Scotch Eggs - I've heard about Scotch Eggs before but never yet had them, so this was a real treat.  Quite different from your traditional version, which is typically wrapped in sausage, this one was enveloped in a creamy blanket of sweet potato and tofu.  Leave it to the Kickshaw to always innovate and give something special to our veggie friends as well.  Nicely done!

Egg Salad - Quite a different take on what you may think of with egg salad, this plate had both a sweet beet/potato salad helping along with a more traditional heap of egg salad too.  Both were fabulous, but I had a strong preference for the beets, as they were so different, sporting a gorgeous crimson color.  But, if you're a lover of both things, I suggest you stack them on top of each other for a truly novel combination.

Egg Custard
(aka Pillowy Eggs) - Arriving in a wide ramekin filled to the top, the egg custard just oozed with indulgence and luxury.  Its middle was silky and unapologetically rich, with some teeny pieces of red pepper on top to cut all that richness.  While my dining companions had to leave a bit early, I tried to finish this one on my own, but only got through about half of it, since I already devoured all of the above too.

Service and Cost:

As customary here, our service was super welcoming and friendly - and you just can't help but feel as if you're hanging out in your friend's kitchen.  Ben and Jen, Kickshaw's co-owners were only too happy to stop in and chat and most modestly present to us their latest creations.  It was inspiring to see the passion behind their creative ideas.

Costs are really wallet friendly and include $8-$12 for brunch entrees.

3 incredible-edible eggy Mmmms

The Queens Kickshaw - 40-17 Broadway, Astoria NY 11103
M/R Train to Steinway Street

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