Friday, November 2, 2012

BareBurger Lunch Special Rocks It

Amongst my stir-craziness of being in the house the entire week, or squatting in coffee shops, trying to get power, I decided to take a little trip to BareBurger Bayside today to check out their new digs.  I've been meaning to try it forever, to see how it measures up to the Astoria locations and I'm happy to say that they're totally up to snuff. 

Very true to this micro-franchise, BareBurger's Bayside location looks pretty consistent with its other Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan relatives.  The same colorful chairs, funky wooden tables and their characteristic utensil light fixtures.  Although the Bayside location is quite small compared to its Astorian neighbors, the space feels cozy and lived in although quite new.  I love the location as well, as it's right on Bell Blvd, near all the major public transport including buses and the LIRR - and it's within walking distance of other businesses such as bakeries (Martha's anyone?), convenience stores, bars, etc.

Since I visited during lunch, I was expecting some specials and this is exactly what I got.  Impressed by their burger, fries and beer combo for just $10.95, I decided to go for it.

Lunch Combo Deal - Bareburger's Original was the burger of choice, included in this special, and you can pick either beef, turkey or a veggie bun.  I went for the latter, as I've never yet had their veggie burger - and I wanted to see how it'd measure up to 5 Napkin's, which I still think is superior.  The burger also came with a side of fries and BareBurger's house organic brew, which is light and delicious.

The burger itself was fantastic, and looked quite impressive on this fluffy tapioca rice bun, which was gluten free.  Even though it sounded exotic, it tasted like a regular bun, but a very delicious high quality one at that - very impressive for something gluten free.  The veggie patty was tasty, made up of a mixture of carrots, broccoli, beans, etc that you could actually see, which was a nice touch.  The toppings of thinly sliced red onions, lettuce, tomato and jack cheese, that was melted perfectly complemented the veggie patty and made me really really full.  Overall a very hearty meal that can fill up any hungry cub or bear alike.

Service and Cost:
Characteristic to BareBurger, the service was great and pretty fast and turnkey.  I was seated quickly and served soon after - my meal arriving in just a few short minutes.  Even though everything was expedited fast, I didn't feel like I had to leave soon after and was free to hang around and finish my brewski.

The cost of this lunch was really affordable - for $10.95 for all of this, I got a really proper meal that filled me up way until dinner time.

3 Mmmms

BareBurger - 42-38 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361.
LIRR to Bayside 

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