Saturday, November 3, 2012

Martha's Post-Hurricane Delights

After my little trip to BareBurger Bayside, I also stopped off at Martha's Bakery, which is also located on Bell Blvd, about 3 blocks down from BareBurger.  I was in the mood for one of their legendary cupcakes, so I popped in - and to my delight found them fully stocked, with some new items I hadn't noticed before, including new cupcake flavors.  I grabbed a hazelnut cupcake, and then went back for a peanut butter one and also a brownie fudge pie.  Everything was amaazing!

Cupcakes - Both cupcakes were fabulous, with a really moist chocolate dough and a creamy frosting topper.  The hazelnut was my favorite, sporting a ring of crunchy hazelnuts around the perimeter, and a lightly flavored frosting.  While the hazelnut flavor was really subtle, it was deliciously sophisticated and something I'd love to have again, perhaps with a flute of champagne.

While I also enjoyed the peanut butter cupcake, the frosting was on the heavier side, and it would've been nice to have perhaps some peanut butter chocolate chips on the side to make the flavors more pronounced.

Brownie Fudge Pie - I couldn't resist two helpings of the brownie fudge pie, and it looked enticing, reminding me of a s'mores dessert.  It was really fantastic and oh so chocolatey, with large brownie chunks sticking out the sides.  They were slightly crunchy, which made the dessert really interesting from a texture standpoint, and the melty chocolate middle was a surprising juxtaposition.  Caveat - for serious chocolate lovers only.

Service and Cost:
No complaints about the service at all, as I was helped right away and the staff was really nice.  I've had some issues with this in the past in this location, but it's nice to see that things have improved.

Costs are expensive but totally worth every penny - $2.50/cupcake and $7.95 for a small chocolate pie or $18 for a large one.

3 Mmmms

Martha's Country Bakery - 41-06 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361
LIRR to Bayside

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