Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Q'in it up in Florida

Currently vacationing in Florida, one of our favorite rituals is hanging out with friends Matt and Kate for the weekend and the best part is that we always cook out.  Meaning literally for the entire day.  It's an awesome experience, as we do it from step one all the way to the sweet finish of enjoying all our food.  

Starting off at Fort Lauderdale's gourmet market, The Fresh Market, we load up on only the best ingredients, supplementing from other more common supermarkets as well for those hard-to-get-in-a-gourmet-market items such as plum jelly, anchovy paste, etc.  It's really quite amusing how you think you can get almost anything in one of those fancy places, only to find that they're sometimes lacking in the most simplest of things.  Anywho...we got all we needed and proceeded on our all-day cooking extravaganza.

On the menu...
As is customary, Matt and Dan take care of the meat - Matt cooking his 7+ hour gargantuan beef ribs that you see above.  We joked around that they looked like something that came out of the Flinstones, but boy were they great.  All the wait was worth it, as Matt glazed them with The Neely's style BBQ sauce, which contained brown sugar, corn syrup, molasses, mustard powder and some rum as well that we added.  The sauce is what totally made these amazing ribs, as it added nice caramelization on the outside that juxtaposed beautifully with the tender inside.  Each bite was pure heaven, and since I couldn't get enough of the sauce, I scooped up an extra helping that I kept dipping the meat into.

Other yummies we enjoyed that day included Dan's wings with spicy buffalo sauce, looking oh so professional, as well as two sides that Kate and I put together, using recipes that I've tried before for Mango-Orange Cole Slaw as well as my Crab Boil Potato Salad.  

I even whipped up some apple-pear crisp at the end that we ate too fast for any pictures, but all in all the day was a huge success and so were our tummies (huge).  
If you'd like to try the BBQ sauce recipe, you can use this one or email me and I'll get you Matt's exact proportions.  Mmmm mmmm good...

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