Monday, September 24, 2012

A Delightful Pretzel Puff at the Teaspoon Bake Shop

In the mood to get some of Teaspoon Bake Shop's famous cake balls, I went in last week for just that but on top of these sweetly round confections, I also spotted another interesting snack that I just had to try.  The pretzel puff you see here was the perfect thing to tide me over in between meals and it's a nice combo of sweet and savory that I encourage you to try.

Pretzel Puff - Even though they had two versions of this snack, including one topped with sugar and the other with sea salt, I went for the latter, as I knew I'd have more sweets later.  What attracted me to this baked goodie was its beautiful golden color and its gorgeous puffy, blistered dough.  The inside was soft and somewhat sweet, made of buttery dough, while the outside tasted golden and well done, just like a good quality soft pretzel.  While it tasted lovely as is, it was even better when heated up for a few minutes in the toaster oven.

Service and Cost:
The service was nice, as always, and I believe I had the same gentleman helping me as last time.  While the bakery wasn't crowded on a random Monday afternoon, it certainly wasn't empty, and it was nice to see that Teaspoon is getting some steady business.

In terms of cost, the pretzel puff set me back $2, which I thought was good value for how big and fluffy it was - truly living up to its name.

Teaspoon Bake Shop - 36-41 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361
LIRR - Port Washington Line to Bayside 

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