Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Donato's Italian Bistro is Coming

On our way back from Anthea Yoga today, Meg and I noticed that the old Cherry Cafe on Broadway has a successor.  Even though it's still technically taped up, the awning is up and the place looks almost ready to go.  Named Donato's Italian Bistro, I don't know too much more except for that it'll probably serve your typical Italian-American specialties.  I'll investigate to see when this place is bound to open and also if there's something more to it than meets the eye.  Not sure I'm overly excited yet, as Donato's seems more or less of the same thing, but let's wait and see.  Shoot me a note please if you know more about it.

Donato's Italian Bistro - 34-02 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106
N/Q Train to Broadway


  1. We're looking forward to welcoming Donato's Italian Bistro to Astoria! We hope that this bistro can live up to all of the other delicious spots here in Astoria.

  2. Don't know how well they'll do with Bartolino's pretty much across the street and there forever, and the new Portalia in the old Marshall spot further down. I did see a couple of cops from the 114 giving out to someone about the overflowing trash container on 33rd st. One of those moments i wish i was at a red light on the crosswalk.

  3. sounds yummy maybe I'll try some

  4. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    The doors were open yesterday so we took a look. Much nicer than that orange and green awning would suggest. Really nice bar and interior design. I think it could do well. It looks more young, hip, and casual than Bartolinos. And will surely be more casual and moderately priced than Portalia. Just guessing from the choices in decor, I think it might fill a nice niche if the food is good.

  5. I tried it, great simple american Italian food. Certainly not the best Italian in Astoria, not even close, but well cooked, very tasty and CHEAP. They were also very nice. I'll certainly return.



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