Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupcakes in Heels Make a Statement

Another fun place that Meg and I ran into randomly during our makeshift Bayside food tour was a cute and petite cupcakery called Cupcakes in Heels.  Everything from this place screamed girly and fun, from the name, to the decor, and the indulgent taste of the treats.  Ladies, take note, and gentleman remember this place when wanting to treat your lady.

The whimsical, feminine atmosphere of Cupcakes in Heels automatically drew us in.  We took a peek inside and marveled at all the fun, bright colors and the French chic decor -  from the funky wallpaper to all the little knick knacks on the glass display case, to a really modern, colorful chandelier.  Even though the shop is tiny, it's really welcoming and the staff is lovely, letting us just linger around, marvel at all the cupcakes and eat our confection of choice right on the premises.  

During our stay, we saw that there were quite a few visitors, further proving the popularity of this place, and also proving that looks could be deceiving - so don't be fooled by its small size.

As we admired the colorful cupcake display, we were totally amused and delighted at the fun names each cupcake received.  Named after fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace, Prada and more, each cupcake had a unique identity, which fit it quite well.  After a lot of deliberation, we chose the Manolo coconut cupcake.

The Manolo Cupcake - Looking beautifully white with hints of purple, we were excited to try this creation, as we're both coconut fans.  The frosting on top, which showcased thick coconut flakes hinted that this was going to be the real thing, and the coconutey inside further proved it.  We liked that the flavors were pronounced but not overbearing.  I tasted a hint of almond extract in there too, which gave it that curious little punch that made the cupcake stand out.  We also enjoyed the fact that the dough was moist and robust, and not too spongy as is sometimes the case with cupcakes.  As you can tell, it was an overall, well rounded treat.

Service and Cost:
The woman behind the counter who was helping us was really friendly and was happy to chat with us about these trendy cupcakes.  Meg had a few questions about the frosting, which the woman answered without any problems, and she graciously welcomed us to stay and linger around, while enjoying our Manolo.

Costs are moderate to expensive but totally understandable, given the novelty of these goodies, with $3.25 a pop.  3 words...I'll be back.

Cupcakes in Heels - 43-19 Bell Blvd, Bayside NY 11361
LIRR to Bayside Station (Port Washington Line)

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