Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sapori D'ischia Outdoes it on Taste (and Cost)

Last weekend was the second time that I went to Sapori D'ischia in Woodside, a traditional, rustic Italian eatery that I loved last time around.  Dining with Meg, Tom and Dan, we enjoyed a quiet evening, sharing some great food.  Although the goodness did have a hefty price tag (even on water, as they don't serve tap), it was a hands-down delicious, quality meal.  Here are the new things we tried:

Margherita Pizza - Although really simple, I liked starting with this clean, classic dish that was made to perfection.  I remember how crunchy and delicious the crust of their pizza was from last time, and this time was no different.  The dough is on the thinner side, but still substantial enough for you to bite into and savor.  The cheese was excellent, later finding out it was mozzarella bufala - like I said, nothing but the best.

Octopus - Thinking this was going to be the dish from last time, served in a little clay pot, that wasn't the case.  After reading back about the ingredients from my last experience, they were indeed the same, but prepared quite differently.  The dish had a more stewy consistency this time around and the bean and caper berries were more prominent.  It was still a tasty dish, but I preferred the presentation and the crunchy texture produced by the terracotta pot from last time.

Risotto Special - We just couldn't refuse the delicious-sounding special of cheesy risotto with fennel sausage.  It looked creamy and rich and although it could've been ordinary, the sausage really set it apart, as it had a very distinct earthy flavor from the fennel and a sharp zestiness from orange extract.  Although the portion was big, it disappeared fast between the four of us, as we couldn't get enough.

Ravioli Special - Disappointed that the signature Fettuccine Alfredo (served inside a cheese wheel) wasn't available, we settled for the ravioli special, stuffed with butternut squash.  It was pretty awesome, clearly made from fresh pasta dough, and the filling was freshly made too.  I loved the good quality parmesan that dressed the sauce, together with fried sage leaves, which made the dish really fragrant and interesting.

Dessert - Enjoying two desserts, the fresh raspberry tart and the chocolate panna cotta, 
they offered a nice wrap-up to this delicious meal. I particularly loved the tart, as it had big chunky raspberries on top, and the puff pastry it rested on was light and flaky.  

That's not to say that the panna cotta wasn't the bomb, because it really was.  Also as light as air, but still very chocolatey, each little spoonful went a long way.  And it didn't hurt that it was further embellished with a fresh raspberry too and some sticky dark chocolate sauce.  Mmmm to the max!

Service and Cost:
There seemed to be just one server for the entire dining room, which granted wasn't very crowded on a Sunday night but still.  He had a weird way about him, that made me feel slightly uncomfortable, but not to the point where I wouldn't go back.  The deliciousness of the food speaks for itself, as you can judge through the above descriptions.  One thing I found really odd and pretentious is that they don't serve tap water - you must get bottled.  What a crock of you know what!

Costs are pretty expensive, even though we shared everything, setting us back about $100/couple with tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Sapori D'Ischia - 55-15 37th Avenue, Woodside NY 11377 

R/M/G Train to Northern Blvd

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