Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kutsher's - Tribeca's Jewish Food Haven

The fact that I work in a really exciting food neighborhood, on the crossroads of Soho and Tribeca gives me a lot of great lunch options.  Being the frugal Franny I am though, I usually bring my lunch (it's dinner that I usually treat myself to), but once in a while I do get out to try something new and interesting.

Hearing lots of amazing things about Kutsher's, a Jewish comfort food restaurant in the heart of Tribeca, Gina and I went to check it out last week.  Impressed with our experience with the food, and the chic ambiance (this is not your grandma's dining room scene!) we'll absolutely be back again soon. 

As already hinted above, the vibe is modern, sleek and really inviting.  I loved the high ceilings, which created airiness and space, while the simple tan wooden furnishing gave off a comfortable sleekness that was juxtaposed with stainless steel metal embellishings that looked like wall art.  The seating is varied, which is nice, and can accommodate large groups (there are plush booths) as well as more intimate two-tops.  So as you can tell, this isn't your typical Jewish comfort food eatery feel such as a Katz' Deli or Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop per se.  It's a lot more refined and stylish - you almost couldn't tell the style of food they serve just by looking at your surroundings.

Since we heard the portions here are so huge, we decided to split everything, which was a smart way to go.  The sandwiches are enormous and fed two people easily (we couldn't even finish the sides), so I highly advise going this route too, especially for lunchtime.

Matzoh Ball Soup - I'm a sucker for good matzoh ball soup, and given that it's Passover, now would be a good time to go in and try it.  Kutsher's version was a stiff competitor with my mom's. Sorry Mami! The broth was flavorful and real chickeny, speckled with fresh herbs like parsley and dill, which added a nice earthiness. The matzoh ball itself was light and airy and not too salty - it's evident they've mastered it, and then some.

Smoked Turkey Reuben - Trying the healthier side of this sandwich, we went for the turkey, which attracted us even more because it's house smoked.  How exciting! And even more exciting was what actually came out - a large, golden-crusted sandwich, packed to the gills with this delectable turkey, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and melty emmentaler cheese.  The combination was blissful and so filling - the smoked tender turkey, juxtaposing nicely with the still crunchy sauerkraut and the pronounced tang from the dressing.  It was all good, and even better once paired with a housemade pickled veggie mix as well as a side of Kutsher's famous duck fries, which were out of this world.

Service and Cost:
We couldn't be happier with the service - our waiter was helpful, quite poised and distinguished.  It was this aspect of our experience that further made us feel that this was a high-class dining establishment, minus the pretension.

Costs are high, considering the type of food you're eating, but once again the quality is impeccable.  This is why I highly recommend splitting dishes here - it won't empty the wallet but will still keep your tummy satisfied.

The sandwich and the soup cost us about $40 including tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Kutsher's Tribeca - 186 Franklin Street, New York NY 10013
1 Train to Franklin Street


  1. What an honor to beaten by Kutcher's Chicken soup! :) Was it better then your's...? Your's was pretty mighty at Passover seder.

  2. You were not beaten Mami - just close competition :)



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