Sunday, April 8, 2012

Astor Bake Shop Serving Macarons

Image by Astor Bake Shop

I know I just wrote about Jewish-style macaroons, but now it's time to transition to the French version, which only sounds similar but is spelled differently, looks worlds apart and couldn't be more varied in taste.  You may remember me taking a recent food tour in Manhattan, centered around
Macarons, which was super fun, but made me wish we had these delicious little pastries in Astoria too.  Well now we do, and the place that carries them won't come as a surprise, which is the Astor Bake Shop.  

Recently showcasing the new flavors you see above, which are the blueberry, raspberry and dulce de leche, they look absolutely delightful and in true Astor Bake Shop fashion, are impeccably constructed.  In terms of cost and packaging, you can buy them individually for $2.25 each or get a little arrangement of 4 for $9.75.  If you come in today even, they have beautifully wrapped boxes, which are especially made for Easter, so you can grab some for your gathering at home or wherever you happen to be going.  Enjoy!

Astor Bake Shop - 12-23 Astoria Blvd, Astoria NY 11102
N/Q Train to Astoria Blvd


  1. You can also get macarons at Noisette on Steinway, just south of Astoria Bl. Highly recommend the coffee ones.

  2. Great tip - thanks James.

  3. The macarons looks absolutely delicious! We will definitely be checking out the Astor Bake Shop in Astoria for these. We'll also be at Noisette to check out the baked goods as well.



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