Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Krak2 - The Best Kind There Is!

Still cruisin' around Austin during SXSW, I had another amazing bite today at a food truck that's totally noteworthy.  As soon as I saw they had gourmet doughnuts from Krak2 (including an option with bacon), I was completely sold and found myself ordering at their window.  

The truck that this sinful creation came from also served other types of food, including savory sausages, but I came here for the sweet stuff.  The sign said Krak2 Gourmet Doughnuts, but the actual truck was a mix of different things.  Although it was a little confusing, I just went with it.  Its location was also pretty convenient, making it a popular pitstop, just a few short blocks from the Austin Convention Center, where the big exhibit was taking a place.  I needed a break, and certainly got it with this fried doughy masterpiece.

The Brunch Doughnut:
Even though there were four enticing flavors of doughnuts including pb&j, black and white, krakAtoa (cream cheese and habanero) and the brunch doughnut, the latter was calling my name.  Topped with chewy bacon, whipped peanut butter and maple syrup it was as recent Top Chef contestant Grayson Schmitz said "sex in the mouth."

The dough was soft and cake-like and tasted like a large zeppole.  I loved the crispy edges on the side, and once each bite was intermingled with the bacon, and the airy peanut butter mousse on top, it sent my senses on a tail spin.  Although this isn't for the faint of hearts, it surprisingly doesn't make you feel like a total pig after eating it, as all the ingredients are good quality.

Service and Cost:

True to Austin's hospitality I've seen throughout the week, the staff was lovely, positive and a bit quirky too.  I love that they ask you questions about your day, the South By events you checked out, and more.  They make you feel as a part of the Austin community, and I really liked that.

Costs are moderate to expensive for a doughnut at $4 a pop, but keep in mind this is no ordinary doughnut.  Please try it out if you're in the nabe, and do your tastebuds some justice.

Krak2 Gourmet Doughnuts - Coner of 4th Street and Colorado, Austin TX
website not yet available

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