Thursday, October 6, 2011

Turkey Chili Warms the Soul

Spending the last couple of weeks in Europe, as you know, eating really really rich foods, I had to give my tummy (and waistline) a break.  Trying to get back on my schedule this week, I've been trying to keep a healthier diet, which of course entails preparing my own food.

Yesterday's dinner was a big healthy success in the literal sense, as I made a hearty turkey chili made with all-fresh ingredients such as red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, ground turkey breast, lots of spices and cheese on top.  I varied up the recipe from Cookstr that was my inspiration, by using paprika instead of chili powder and by also substituting crumbly feta cheese on top instead of cheddar.  You can also use queso fresco, which would be nice.  I stuck a couple of whole wheat pita chips into it too, and they melted beautifully in the piping hot mixture. 

Since I made a full batch of this (enough for about 8 people), we have tons for left overs, and not to mention that this stuff keeps well in the freezer.  Hope it inspires you as well!

Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe


  1. It sounds and looks delicious. Save us some for later.



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