Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MexiQ Charms Us Again

After watching a healthy dose of football last weekend, Dan and I paid a visit to MexiQ, the Mexican-BBQ fusion joint on 30th Avenue.  Having been there once before, and really enjoying the food, I wanted to introduce it to Dan, who I knew would love it.  Assumption confirmed...we got ourselves a convert. 

Here are some of the yummies we tried that night:

Crispy Pork Guacamole - Wanting to try this the first time around and not having the opportunity, I couldn't miss this chance.  Dan was only too happy to go along with the plan because let's face it, not many can say no to crispy pork.  What I envisioned and what we actually got was not far off - crispy golden bites of pork that were deliciously crunchy on the outside but nice and tender on the inside.  I wasn't sure how it would stand up to the guac, but the two complemented each other beautifully and were quite the duo.  The pork went fast, as you can imagine and we managed to polish off all the guac by the end of our meal too.

Tacos - Dan and I got two orders of tacos, which we split, as there were two per order.  Our choices included the baja fish grouper tacos as well as the bbq brisket tacos.  Both looked absolutely gorgeous on the plate, enveloped in a double layer of soft flour tortillas and each paired with a unique salsa.  I loved this little touch that really showed attention to detail - the fish tacos being paired with grilled pineapple salsa while the brisket tacos accompanied by a spicy creamy corn salsa. 

Although both tacos were really yummy, I preferred the fish tacos, which were light, flaky and were coated in a slightly sweet batter.  The pineapple salsa was the cherry on this Mexican sunday, adding a sweet and slightly spicy element too.

Beer - With over 48 craft beers on tap, it was hard to make a singular decision.  However, the minute I saw they had Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, I wanted nothing else.  I loved the spicy, sweet undertone with each sip.  The beer was hearty and robust and the perfect way to celebrate fall.

Service and Cost:
No complaints about the service, as we were paid attention to from start to finish.  I didn't feel that the service was absolutely polished and some of our waitstaff was a little awkward, but there were no major hiccups to report.

Costs are moderate to inexpensive and the dinner set us back about $45 total including tax and tip.  It was a good, casual way to spend a Sunday evening, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

3 Mmmms

MexiQ Kitchen & Draught - 37-11 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/Q Train to 30th Avenue


  1. Have you tried their "Hangover Cure" at brunch yet?? So delicious.

  2. Not yet, but I must go. We should go together - long time no see!



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