Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Fooditka!

Hello Readers,

Blogger formerly known as Foodista NYC here.  Same food-obsessed me, same fresh content that you seem to eat up like crispy French fries, but a new name, as you can tell.

Why the Change?
As I've already hinted in my farewell Foodista post, my love of the immensely cultural food in Astoria & LIC has more closely connected me to my roots.  As a proud Slovak, moving to this country just over 20 years ago, my Eastern European culture and heritage (and food traditions!) have remained.  I'm proud of the richness it brings to my identity and the vigor in which it has empowered me to discover other equally wonderful cultures and ethnicities.

What does Fooditka Mean?
Fooditka is a direct reflection of me.  With my Slovak name being Juditka, the word Fooditka is an extension of that and exemplifies my true passion in life.  Food!  The suffix "itka" is an affectionate way to address someone (a woman particularly) in Slovak.  I'll often hear my close friends and family refer to me as Juditka (now Fooditka) and I pass that on to you my readers, who I consider to be another kind of family.  A food family if you will. 

What to Expect in the Future?
If you loved my content on the Foodista, I can promise you'll enjoy it here.  I plan to raise it up a notch too with more pictures, fun giveaways, guest bloggers, videos, ethnic recipes of the month and more.  In case you want to reference anything I've done up to this point on the Foodista, everything is fully loaded and available on this blog. 

Can You Still Access The Foodista?
You can still reference my posts on the Foodista this week, until July 1st, when I'll fully transfer everything over to this site.  As mentioned, all previous Foodista content is now housed here - so same reliable furniture, but a new house for you to explore.

How To Get Involved?
I've always admired your involvement and passion for the content I've produced.  As the new site evolves, I hope to further engage you through poignant commentary, advice and always my honest opinion.  So as always, don't be shy and please chime in with your candid thoughts. 

Hope that you enjoy this new food journey with me - and as always, there's room for another guest at the table. 

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  1. Hey, congrats on the launch and your new nome de blog. It's terrific.



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