Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spanish-Style Potato, Red Pepper Frittata

I had my cousins with their two adorable twin girls come by the other weekend and I decided to make a brunch treat.  My mission was to go with something easy and quick, so I naturally selected a frittata.  Originally, I was planning to make one with tomatoes and cheese but changed my mind quickly when I saw this recipe for a potato, red pepper version, that reminded me of a Spanish-style tortilla. 

Overall, the dish wasn't difficult to make, the only pain was frying up the potatoes.  I made the mistake by first just sauteeing them, but they didn't get soft enough. So...I took them out and fried them on a non-stick surface.  The trick worked and they were super crispy and delicious - sort of like Greek fries I've had at Zenon Taverna or Taverna Kyclades.  Once you get the potatoes done, it's all a piece of cake, as you can pour the eggs right over them along with the peppers and the onions. 

The whole thing was a delicious and very filling dish that felt a lot more substantial in your belly than it appears.

Here's the recipe - I hope you enjoy it. 

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