Sunday, November 28, 2010

Astoria-Based Chocolate Swirled Sin

While checking out Astoria Market the other week, I noticed a very sweet booth, showcasing homemade chocolate truffles, brownie lollipops and apple-caramel crumb bars that caught my eye.  I briefly chatted with the lovely women selling these wares to find out that their business, The Chocolate Swirl is an Astoria-based online sweet shop, selling all sorts of things, including custom made cakes, cookies and other demand-based confections.

They had a raffle going for a special holiday sampler, and naturally loving giveaways of all kinds, I entered. forward two weeks - I open up an email from The Chocolate Swirl informing me that I won the raffle.  How fun! It totally made my day, and I planned to pick up my winnings right before Thanksgiving.  I wasn't necessarily going to eat them on Thanksgiving day, but I wanted to celebrate the holiday early by trying some of these yummies. 

I picked my goods this past Wednesday and was excited to find:

A box of assorted truffles
A box of assorted brownie pops

A mini pumpkin pound cake

Brownie Pops
- "Amazing, delicious, delectable," don't do this dessert justice.  I was simply amazed by how wonderful these were both in aesthetics and taste.  They looked pretty and colorful, with a thin layer of chocolate frosting, further decked with sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs. 

I received three different flavors including red velvet (our hands-down favorite!), s'mores, and chocolate chip.  The red velvet was pure perfection, boasting the moistest interior I've ever tasted when it comes to red velvet cake.  The white chocolate cream cheese frosting was also delectable - the right amount of sweet from the chocolate and just a little bit of tang from the cream cheese.  We were delighted that we received two of these, and they certainly did not go to waste.

The other brownie pop that was well received was the s'mores, which was just as moist (if not moister) than the red velvet.  It almost tasted fudgy, with mini marshmallows inside, and the whole thing dipped in milk chocolate and then covered in toasty graham crackers.  Heaven on a stick.

If you're interested in checking out this awesome local business, visit their website or say hello to them at the next Astoria Market.  And please tell them I sent ya.


  1. These look really "sinful". Yuuuum.

  2. Hmmm, how have I not heard of this Astoria Market before? Sounds fun. Is it all food vendors, or are there other shops as well?

  3. Hey Jenn,

    It's not only food vendors but a lot of jewelry, crafts, soaps, etc. There's a good mix of things and they are all handmade - so cool! You should check it out.

  4. This is right up my ally--I will def check it out sometime.

  5. YUM! Cake pops and chocolate? Almost too good to be true.



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