Sunday, October 17, 2010

Antidote - Chocolate as a Superfood

It's no secret that I love desserts - and chocolate...well that's my weak point.  I started out by loving sugary sweet milk chocolates in my youth and then graduated to appreciating bitter darks later in my adulthood.  In any case, I love me some choco.  So when I was invited to attend a launch party of a new chocolate product called Antidote last week, I was so in.  Kimberly joined me as well - both of us indulging in plenty of chocolate and wine too. Hey...what can we say, a palate cleanser was needed.

What's Antidote and What Makes it Unique?
A new chocolate company, founded by Austrian born brand and packaging designer, Red R. Thalhammer, Antidote approaches chocolate from an unconventional angle.  That angle focuses on the health benefits that cocoa, chocolate in its purest form, contains--and which is unfortunately muted by refined sugar, milk or animal fats that are added to processed brands.

Red's vision for Antidote was to launch a product that "has it all" - attractive packaging, great flavor, healthful benefits at a fair price.  Her desire to create this all-encompassing chocolate product was achieved, in my opinion.  Besides featuring really unique flavor combinations such as lavender and sea salt, almonds and pepper, ginger and goldenberries and others, Red's chocolates are all named after Greek goddesses, which are colorfully displayed on the simple yet modern packaging. 

In terms of the healthy component in these chocos, there's plenty of it to go around.  Each Antidote bar is made with a combination of roasted and raw cocoa, supplied from Rainforest Certified farms in Ecuador.  And to top it off, all chocolate varieties incorporate Moringa, tiny plant leaves that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, with a slight green-tea-like flavor. 

My Favorite Flavors:
Two flavors stood out to me at the launch party, which I'd like to brag about: the lavender sea salt and the ginger and goldenberries.

Lavender Sea Salt (Panakeia) - The minute I saw that this bar contained lavender, I was eager to try it.  Loving the soothing smell that lavender brings to the senses, I immediately inhaled its relaxing scent.  I then bit into the chocolate gingerly and let the small piece melt on my tongue.  The sensation was floral and fragrant with a salty bite at the finish, creating a lovely sweet and savory combination.  It reminded me of a snack I'd have at a fancy spa. 

Ginger and Goldenberries (Aletheia) - Given how unique this flavor was, it didn't take long for it to capture my attention.  My favorite were the tangy goldenberries, which provided great flavor contrast with the bitter chocolate.  While the ginger was more subdued, its flavors came out more when eating the chocolate slowly, letting its components gradually materialize in your mouth.  I think that's the trick to enjoying all of Red's slow, pay attention and appreciate every bite.

Where to Buy Antidote and for How Much?
Antidote is sold in specialty food stores and supermarkets across NYC.  In Long Island City, you can get them at the Food Cellar supermarket.  They're found in various food suppliers around Manhattan including the Garden of Eden, Zabar's, The Amish Market, or you can also get them online on Amazon.

Each bar costs about $5 - $6, which reflects the excellent quality you're getting.

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  1. Always inspiring to meet an inspiring lady entrepreneur...oh, and the chocolate was yummy too!



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