Thursday, September 2, 2010

Unveiling the NEW "Biggins" Cupcake at The Cupcake Stop

Just looking at these amazing cupcake monsters makes me swoon.  That's right folks...the above pics showcase a scene from last week's unveiling of the "Biggins" cupcake at The Cupcake Stop

I initially heard about the "Biggins" through Cupcake Stop's e-newsletter and also found out that the flavor was masterminded by
Chef Robert Hesse of Hell's Kitchen.  It was cool to see Robert at the big (pun intended) reveal, and Bo and I got to chat with him about how the "Biggins" came about.  Since I confessed to him that I don't typically watch the show, he explained that "Biggins" is an ode to his nickname on Hell's Kitchen. Makes sense.  And the cupcake definitely lived up to its name.

At exactly 1 p.m., Chef Robert huddled the crowd of hungry cupcake lovers and gave a brief overview about this cupcake and its creative origins.  (Watch the video here).  People seemed intrigued and their eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when Chef Robert held out the above pictured tray with "Biggins" cupcakes.  They were true beauties and in just a few seconds, the first tray was nearly empty.  Here's why...

The Biggins Cupcake - So what exactly is in a Biggins cupcake? Well it's a bit complex, for this is no ordinary treat.  Its base is expertly crafted with a rich, dark chocolate dough, stuffed with caramel and crushed walnuts.  What a nice surprise that was, giving the cake a wonderful ooey-gooey texture.  The cupcake is then topped with fluffy peanut butter mousse that is not too sweet and has a pleasing peanuty flavor, which isn't as intense as pure peanut butter.  I much rather prefer that, since I'm far from a PB freak, but aside from the taste, the light texture was just a priviledge to eat.  And I'm not done yet...for on top of that heavenly mousse, there was a chewy, chocolatey, black-out cookie that was oh so wonderful to take off and dip into the peanut butter mousse.  Bliss!

Availability and Cost:
The Biggins is now available as a regular Cupcake Stop flavor and is priced the same as all the other specialty cupcakes - around $3.

I highly, highly recommend it for all you chocolate and peanut butter heads.

3 Rich, Chocolatey and Peanut Buttery Mmmmms

The Cupcake Stop Truck - Manhattan locations vary



  1. That cupcake looks amazing. I will
    definitely have to try one of those someday soon!

  2. It's great Kim - I definitely recommend it!



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