Monday, September 6, 2010

Foodista's Inside Scoop with Ted Allen

For a lot of you, the man pictured above needs no introduction.  But for others who might not be as familiar with him through TV shows such as Chopped, Top Chef, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and of course, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, he's Ted Allen, TV personality, cookbook author, food writer, wine connoisseur and everything else culinary. 

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Ted, along with six other awesome food bloggers, during which he revealed a lot of fun food and entertaining tips.  The breakfast was sponsored by Cascade, (for which Ted is a spokesperson of) in honor of their Best Food Mergers
promotionwhere participants get to vote for their most popular food pairings that are the hardest to clean.  You can vote here and get Ted's personal recipes for popular and delicious, but also hard-to-clean foods such as spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, and fried chicken and gravy

But back to our breakfast with Ted.  We each got to ask him a couple of questions and the setting was pretty intimate and personal, which we all appreciated.  It was great to see what a genuine person Ted is, and his answers really came from the heart--you can see his passion for food and entertaining just pouring out of him.

Here are a couple of video clips from our breakfast that I think you'll enjoy.  Some of the topics he touches on include:

Why He's Passionate About Food
- See
The Foods Ted Isn't Fond Of - See video
Ted's Personal Food Recommendations for Falling in Love with NY - See video

As you'll notice, Ted is a proud Brooklynite and a lot of his answers give insight into his hood.  I definitely related with him about appreciating his local nabe and its wonderful and underrated finds.


  1. These videos were so great. And since I've always loved Ted Allen since Queer Eye days, it's so cool to see that he's so nice and down-to-earth. Was there any Queer Eye or Top Chef inside info? (Otherwise known as gossip.)

  2. Thanks so much Carrie - he mostly talked about food and his nabe in Bklyn. Not too much about Top Chef and Queer Eye, so sorry to report that there's no gossipage!



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