Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bistro Petite Provence - Charming, Elegant French Food in Slovakia

Bistro Petite Provence - Hviezdoslavovo Namestie 25, Bratislava, Slovakia
02 5441 0340

Yet another restaurant experience in Bratislava, this one was more unusual, as we strayed from the typical meat and potatoes food that Slovak cuisine is known for.  Instead, we went out for French food at a quaint, intimate bistro called Petite Provence.  I was enamored with it right away and our experience was so positive, that it stands out as my favorite meal of the trip.

Immediately drawn to the charming French country decor, Petite Provence had all the personality traits of a French eatery.  The classic bistro chairs, rustic wooden tables, dried lavender pots that smelled oh so wonderful...it was all inviting and quite enchanting.  I loved all the details that went into everything - from the warm blankets that were left on each chair outside to the burlap string that tried together the silverware, everything was carefully thought out.  It were these special touches that made this eatery unique and memorable.

The menu consisted of classic French fare such as mussels, cheese, various salads, baguettes, pasta and quiches.  Similar to the other restaurants in Slovakia, the selection was enormous.  After some consideration, here's what we chose:

Baked Goat Cheese - Peter and I both love cheese so we were immediately sold on this appetizer.  Consisting of soft baked goat cheese with a crusty, golden top, this cheese was decadent and delicious.  Since it was pretty tangy, it was nice to pair it with the peppery arugula and the sweet and tart cranberry chutney.  The contrast provided a mix of clean, sharp flavors and if you're a goat cheese lover, this dish shouldn't be missed.

Mediterranean Salad - Since at that point, we were eating a lot of heavy foods, Peter chose a light salad with chicken, mixed greens, sun-dried tomatoes and olives.  Even though it was simple, the ingredients were presented beautifully and everything was fresh and tasty.  The leaves were so shiny and green that they looked like they were freshly picked.  Yum!

Mushroom Risotto - I couldn't resist this item when I saw it on the menu.  Being a sucker for mushrooms and especially truffle butter, this dish was fragrant and earthy, with a luxuriously creamy texture.  The rice was cooked perfectly and I loved all the chunky pieces of mushrooms that were interspersed into the risotto. Although simple, the sprinkling of fresh parsley went a long way.

Service and Cost:
Just like the lovely atmosphere, the service was also top-notch.  Our waitress was careful in her approach and generally very kind.  She politely asked if we liked each dish and after we replied with an enthusiastic "yes" she seemed pleased and left us be.  Just like at Karczma Mlyn, we had to ask for the check, but once we did, it was brought to us immediately.

Prices are moderate and include:

Appetizers: 6.60E - 15.90E
Salads: 6.90E - 8.50E
Pasta & Risotto:  6.90E - 9.60E
Meat & Fish: 9.90E - 21.90E
Dessert: 2.90E - 8.90E

3 Mmmms

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