Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet Nicole - Foodista's Newest Contributor

Hi Foodista Readers,

It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Nicole - Foodista's newest contributor, and I'm so happy to have her on-board.  I was not only inspired by Nicole's passion for food but also her incredible writing, which she's contributed to Yoga Life magazine, the iYogalife website, as well as a site called Fine Art of Family.

Nicole will start contributing right away with her two cents about the Astorian and NYC food scene as well as providing healthy food tips and exciting food event coverage.  I will be continuing my coverage of course, but this way you'll have an extra voice to give you new perspective.

Please give a warm welcome to Nicole.  Here's a bit more info about this new, fabulous Foodista:

Biscuits, and papaya, and soup dumplings! Oh my! Nicole’s palate has traveled the globe and continues to seek tasty food around NYC. Between a childhood in North Carolina, summers in Honolulu, and loving Chinese parents, there was always good food to be found. In her spare time, Nicole practices and teaches yoga, watches as much theatre as she can afford, whips up fresh, healthy dishes from farmer’s market finds, and eats as many baked goods as her stomach can hold. Her favorite restaurants include Motorino, Angelica Kitchen, Souen (E.Village), and Candle Cafe.


  1. Welcome, Nicole! I look forward to reading your interesting entries.

  2. Thanks, Mira and Foodista!



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