Monday, July 5, 2010

A Happy 4th Was Had With Blueberry Squares

With the 4th of July holiday this weekend, as well as my friend Adam's legendary Rib Fest celebration (more to come on that this week), I wanted to bake something special--not only in the spirit of the holiday but something that would make the aftertaste of ribs that much sweeter. 

I got inspired by the above blueberry-lemon squares once again from a fellow Foodbuzzer, Only Nature Food Porn. Funny name.  Cool blog.  His beautiful blueberry squares decorated with fresh blueberries and lavender really enticed me.  I was especially interested in using fresh lavender flowers on my squares, as they're edible and look really beautiful.  There's plenty of lavender over at friend's, Kim and Ken's garden and since my mom and dad and taking care of it while they're on vacation, we borrowed some for this recipe.  Kim, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind!

The actual cake was a breeze to make, aside from the fact that I had to convert all measurements from the Metric system.  It's actually quite simple and you can use the following online converter

I loved that the flavor of the cake was extra lemony because in addition to putting lemon zest into the dough, I also poured lemon juice on top, after it was baked. The frosting was a cinch as well, consisting of powdered sugar and fresh lemon juice. Easy, breezy.

Now the difficult part was the topping.  I waited too long for the frosting to set and had a hard time putting the blueberries on top.  In the end, I got it done but the delicate little lavender flowers didn't cooperate.  So I ended up using them as a garnish instead.

Try it out for yourself.  It's a great summertime dessert and it received high marks at Ribfest - actually it didn't make it out on to the serving table since everyone gobbled it up upon its reveal.

See recipe here and enjoy.


  1. Ah...I am pleased you gave it a try...I think you are the first one to test drive my recipe...:)

    I hope you had good time making and eating the cake.


  2. 4th of July is a good reason to be happy and celebrate. Check out th top music charts and the latest pop, rnb, hiphop, and dance hits.

  3. You're welcome. It looked awesome and people really enjoyed it. Thanks for the fun idea (and recipe!)

  4. that looks so yum! And we just picked tons of fresh blueberries this last weekend. Any ideas where to get fresh lavender other than your friends' because I don't know where they live :)

  5. glad you made good use of the lavender. anytime.

  6. Michele - you can get fresh lavender at any Farmer's Market. If you live/work near Union Square that might be a good source.

    Thank you Kim - the lavender was such a great element that really spruced up this dessert. Thanks for letting me pilfer the garden :)



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