Monday, May 3, 2010

Da Franco's Refreshing Gelato - Perfect in Hot Weather about this heat wave we're having? It was so unbelievably warm in my neck of the woods this weekend and especially in my apartment that I took a walk over to Da Franco's with my parents to get some refreshing gelato. My mom loves ice cream and the mere mention of Italian gelato, got her pretty excited.  I enticed my parents further by telling them about Da Franco's nice outdoor area where we ended up enjoying our treats. 

Here are the flavors we tried:

Pistachio - Yum! This was my choice and also my favorite.  It was super creamy with a distinct nutty taste and some actual nut clusters that added authenticity.  I loved how indulgent yet refreshing it felt and since we only got one scoop each, it wasn't total, utter gluttony.

Amarena - My dad chose this interesting flavor, which I've never heard of until now.  It consists of a clean milk flavor peppered with chunks of sour cherries. I liked the cherries (having real fruit in dessert is always a plus for me) but I thought it was a touch too sweet - yet interesting and different nonetheless. 

Zuppa Ingelse - Again, I had to ask what this flavor actually consisted of, finding out that it's a mix of ladyfingers soaked in sweet liqueur.  There's also a cake version but gelato is a good way to sample these flavors without eating an entire slice of cake.  I tasted some delicious amaretto in it and even got a few pieces of the "cake." Pretty neat.

Service and Cost
Our server was really friendly and encouraged us to try all flavors of gelato.  Even though we were tempted, we politely declined but enjoyed our chosen flavors at one of their nice outdoor tables with an umbrella that shielded us from the sun.

Costs are a bit pricey for gelato but comparable with other neighboring establishments. Each gelato cup was roughly $4.

3 Mmmms

Da Franco - 23-92 21st Street, Astoria NY 11105


N/W Train to Astoria Blvd


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed delicious gelato as well as your wonderful company.
    It was a treat- literarly. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Mom - I enjoyed it too :)



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