Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Unusual Passover Treat - Matzoh Lasagna

With this week's Passover holiday, I had not two but three Seders to attend, which were all fun in their own way.  Getting together with close family and friends is always positive and there's nothing better than eating a big family-style meal together.

But despite how fun this holiday is, it's always a food challenge.  Why?'s tough because you can't use leavened products such as bread, and you can't eat legumes.  Although I don't keep Kosher for Passover, I respect people who do.  Therefore, I tried hard to contribute Seder dishes that fit the dietary constraints of this holiday.  While some came out just mediocre, the one I'm going to tell you about was a big success.

I got the idea to make a Matzoh Lasagna from the folks at Always Hungry, who are a great resource for recipes and cool restaurants in NYC.  This lasagna recipe substituted matzoh for pasta, but the taste miraculously resembled pasta.  In fact, most people had a hard time believing it wasn't pasta until they poked their fork around and saw the matzoh sheets through the homemade meat sauce.  Everyone seemed to gravitate to this dish because it was familiar and comforting.  It can be argued it's not really Kosher (you shouldn't mix meat with dairy), but I really enjoyed it and so did my friends.  I urge you to try it, as this dish certainly spices up the same old, same old Passover repertoire.

Click for the recipe here.


  1. to make it kosher, maybe you could do a spinach version since the cheese contributes lots of protein already?? just an idea...sounds amazing nonetheless!

  2. Very good idea Kimberlah. Great suggestion :)

  3. Good thinking, Kimberly. Here's what I did: saute onions and garlic with nicely cubed green and yellow squashes, red peppers and some cubed tomatoes. It was delish, as Foodista says you wouldn't even know that it was matza and not noodles.

  4. Sounds delicious Mami!

  5. one issue my friend julie had with matzoh lasagna was how bad it transports/reheats. She made some for a dinner party last week but by the time she showed up it was totally soggy. Thoughts?

  6. Yeah I can see it getting soggy since it doesn't have a long shelf life. I served it on the same day as I made it so it kept well. I'd recommend doing that if you're making this dish.



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