Friday, February 12, 2010

Lunch at Mojave Changed My Perception

It's been over two years now since I last visited Mojave.  You might recall but the first time wasn't a home run - the food was mediocre and the service was spotty.  I guess it took a little while for them to get things in order, and I've been hearing a lot of praise about it recently. 

This week's snow day was the perfect opportunity to ease into it again, and I went in slow, choosing to go for lunch rather than dinner. 
Good thing too because they have a $11.95 lunch prix-fixe consisting of an appetizer, entree and a margarita tasting.  Sweet deal, I thought.  The overall experience was so positive that I'm definitely sold on the recent praise, and I will be going back and taking friends with me.  Here's what I feasted on:

MotherRoad Roadhouse Chili - Even though I've tasted this dish before, I never had my own portion.  On a frigid day like Wednesday, it was perfect for warming up.  Consisting of braised beef and pork, it had a delicious smoky taste and because it was so rich in meat, it was incredibly filling.  I was only able to finish about a half of it, and the rest I took home to Dan.  Besides the meat, I loved that the soup came with a side of toasted flour tortillas that helped soak up all that meaty flava.

Mojo Marinated Atlantic Salmon Sandwich - At first I was skeptical about the fish, as I've had seafood here before and didn't like it.  But after trying this sandwich, my perceptions completely changed (for the better).  The salmon was perfectly cooked and flaked off in neat bite-sized pieces.  I loved the mojo marinade on it, which gave the fish a nice hint of garlic and an authentic Latin flavor.  Sandwiched between thin sourdough bread and dressed with chipotle aioli, the sandwich had personality and certainly gave your tastebuds a run for their money.

Margarita Tasting
- I liked this little bonus, even though the portion was tiny.  As its name suggests, it was just a tasting in the form of a shot.  Picking a fruit "enhancement" for your margarita was a plus, and I chose the mango flavor.  Woah, it was good - sweet and tart at the same time, the mango was slightly chunky and a little bit hard to get through the straw.  While some might get annoyed by this, I welcomed it as a sign of authenticity - it didn't just come from a mix.

Service and Cost:
Since there was almost no one else in the restaurant during Wednesday's storm, I got my own personal waiter.  He was great and of course attentive (what else did he have to do?) I think he was just happy to have a customer to keep himself occupied.  He seemed confident and like a good waiter - I'm curious to see him in action on a busy day.

Costs are affordable and given the careful preparation of each dish, I'd say they're pretty darn fair.  I paid a total of $11.95 ($16 with tax and tip) for a 2-course lunch with a small margarita tasting.  General lunch prices include:

Starters - $5.95-$12.95

Sandwiches - $7.95-$9.95
Salads - $5.95-$15.95
Tacos & Quesadillas - $8.95-$13.95

3 Mmmms

Mojave - 22-36 31st Street Astoria NY 11105

N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)


  1. I had the organic chicken fajitas about a month ago and they were amazing. I absolutely loved them - the flavor was rich and savory, so, so good. Glad you had a good experience!

  2. I really did - excited to go back :)

  3. I've been there several times since you first wrote about them. They've always been pretty good. HOWEVER, they took off the best thing on their menu: scallops! They were the best.

  4. They are very good - excited to have another mango margarita there soon.



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