Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye Zabb Thai...Hello Matsu

Matsu - 34-11 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to 30th Avenue

While strolling on 30th Avenue this weekend, I noticed that the short-lived Zabb Thai has been replaced by a sushi joint called Matsu.  While there hasn't been much change to the restaurant's appearance, the cuisine is clearly different and poses a rivalry with their neighbor, Go Wasabi

Matsu is offering an enticing incentive for diners in honor of their grand opening - they'll give out complimentary hot sake & house wine for all dine-in guests.  Hmm...I'm considering it for sure.  In the meantime, here's a peek at some of their menu selections:

Gyoza - Pan fried pork, shrimp or vegetables...$4.50
Soft shell crab...$9
Sweet potato tempura...$5
Ebisu - Shrimp with sweet vinegar...$6
Sashimi Jalapeno - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail with jalapeno & yuzu sauce...$9

Matsu Specials:
Tuna Martini - Tuna wrapped in nori, lightly fried, served in spicy shichimi sauce...$8
Kani Pizza...$7
Peking Duck - Crispy duck with cucumber, scallion & hoisin sauce...$9

Fancy Rolls:
Jesup Roll - Crabmeat, avocado crunch topped with eel...$11
Madrid Roll - Spicy white tuna, avocado, crunch, jalapeno with soy bean wrap...$11
Disney Roll - Inside: two shrimp tempura. Outside: eel & avocado...$11
Hollywood Roll - Inside: spicy mix of tuna, yellowtail and salmon.  Outside: scallop, kiwi...$11
Foxwood Roll - Inside: kani avocado, crunch.  Outside: toro, avocado & spicy sauce on top...$11

Salmon teriyaki...$15
Tofu steak...$10
Chilean seabass...$20
Chicken or pork katsu...$13

Lunch Specials:

Bento boxes: $9-$12
Sushi lunch special with a choice of soup or salad...$8.50-$10


  1. Zabb Thai will be missed. Matsu's menu is promising hosting some rather unique rolls and small plates, but their execution leaves something to be desired.

  2. good menu i'd like to try it

  3. Yeah, I'll judge for myself too - seems interesting.

  4. oops, I keep linking to my old blog.

  5. I just got take out from Matsu and they definitely have a few kinks to work out. One person was handling take out orders, phone orders and sometimes restaurant orders while 3 other people stood by waiting to be told what to do. It took twice as long for me to place my order because one woman was running around doing it all. Not a huge deal but they need to figure out their service.

  6. Yeah, I hear ya anon - they are still new, so it seems like they're trying to figure things out.



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