Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pomme Cafe - New Brasserie on Broadway

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when walking on Broadway, seeing that a new French restaurant, a brasserie and a patisserie will open soon.  Pomme Cafe, the name of this new brasserie means "apple" in French and there's a cute apple logo displayed on its awning.  Although the space inside was still hidden, I anticipated that it would open in the next couple of weeks - and after calling them directly, the owner confirmed that it will open in two week's time.

Can't wait for this new Frenchie spot to grace our nabe.  If you know more information about it, feel free to chime in.

Pomme Cafe - 37-19 Broadway, Astoria NY 11103
N/W Train to Broadway


  1. FYI, I also was interested when the
    Grand Opening was scheduled
    for so I called and was told
    Sunday,Jan.24th they plan
    to open.Looking forward
    to it.

  2. Awesome - looking forward to it too. I'll keep you posted with more details.

  3. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the ambiance of the place. The food was delicious and offer at a low price. Since the opening i have been twice and will continue to go. I live around the area and dont have the flee to the city to go to a place like that.

  4. Great to hear anon - I'm going to check it out in the next 2 weeks. Can't wait! What would you recommend?

  5. The chicken livers are tasty. The rabbit stew is even better -- the meat is slow cooked and shredded like pulled pork. And they've got Jenlain on tap. It's about time a French resto turned up on Broadway.



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