Friday, December 4, 2009

La Rioja - Astorian Spanish Tapas Bar

I've been keeping a close eye on La Rioja Spanish Tapas and the feedback has been very positive.  Hoping to check it out soon when Kimberly comes to town, I can't wait to chime in with my two cents about their Jamon Iberico, Croquetas, Paella and more.  

I walked by the other day and grabbed a menu - here's a sampling of it for your viewing pleasure. Try not to salivate although it's hard not to:


Jamon Serrano - Hand sliced Spanish ham...$7.50
Jamon Iberico - The famous Iberico pig...$14.00
Chorizo Tipo Cantimpalo - Dry cured Spanish sausage...$6.50

Quesos - Cheeses:

Manchego Cheese - Castilla sheep milk...$7.50
Mahon - Menorca cow milk...$7.50
Los Cameros - La Rioja goat milk...$7.50


Boquerones con Aguacate - White anchovies with avocado...$7.95
Gambas al Ajillo - Shrimp in Garlic Sauce...$7.95
Croquetas de Bacalao - Cod croquettes...$6.95
Datiles con Bacon - Dates with bacon...$7.95
Tortilla en Salsa Verde - Spanish omelet in green sauce...$6.95


Paella de Carne - Chicken-pork-sausage and beans...$18.95
Paella de Mar - Shrimp, squid, mussels, clams and octopus...$18.95
Fideua Negra - Thin spaghetti with baby octopus, squid, shrimp, mussels and squid ink...$18.95

Main Dishes:
Steak La Rioja 24 oz - Grilled sirloin steak with red wine sauce...$21.50
Chuleta de Cerdo - Grilled pork chops...$15.50
Pargo Marinado - Marinated red snapper fillet...$19.75
Mariscada Salsa Verde o Roja - Shrimp, squid, clams, mussels and fish in green sauce or tomato sauce...$21.95
Pollo Relleno - Chicken breast stuffed with ham, blood sausage and cheese...$15.95
Pollo al Ajillo - Chicken in garlic sauce...$14.95

Flan - Caramel custard
Crema Catalana - Spanish creme brulee
Tarta de Santiago - Flourless almond tart

They also have a $12.95 lunch special, which includes soup or salad, a main dish, regular coffee, dessert and a soda.

La Rioja Spain Restaurant - 33-05 Broadway, Astoria NY 11102

N/W Train to Broadway


  1. I was just about to ask if we could go here when I saw your msg!! YESSSS!! We must--it's my favorite wine region in Spain and I can't think of a better dining buddy!!

  2. Speaking of wine--have you seen their list? How does it look?

  3. It'll be a blast - lunch might be fun since they have such a great deal. Not sure about the wine - they must have a special wine menu available in the restaurant. Can't wait :)



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