Thursday, October 22, 2009

Knock Your Socks Off Apple Cake

It's true...this cake will knock your socks off or maybe just make you want to slip them off gingerly because it's so comforting and decadent. I got inspired to make it for our 1 year wedding anniversary in anticipation of our frozen wedding cake being less than edible. I was right, the wedding cake was pitifully dry and cardboard-y, but the apple cake shined, providing that perfect sweet finish to our lovely day.

I used a simple recipe from one of my favorite Food Network personalities, Dave Lieberman. Picking an apple dessert was important to me because of the seasonality of apples, thus promising a better tasting dish. Yum! It SO delivered! The cake was moist, sweet and also a bit hearty from the cinnamon-flavored apple chunks. In addition to being a nice anniversary cake, it would make a great breakfast dessert or a treat for when you have company over.

One mistake I made was not greasing up my bundt pan enough, and therefore I had a really hard time getting the cake out. Dan helped me, but in the end we lost about 1/8 of it from the top. It was sad but not tragic, as I made a quick strawberry sauce (heating up strawberry preserves with a few splashes of water). I then smeared it on top of the apple cake and topped it with crushed almonds. It was deeelightful! Enjoy.

Here's the recipe.


  1. looks delicious, i would love to try it some day!!!! and i have to agree wedding cake frozen for a year-not so good! ;)

  2. Thank you - it really was good. And the wedding cake - oy, so pitiful :)



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