Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update About Queens Restaurant Week

A few weeks back, I mentioned that Queens Restaurant Week is coming. Well it's now just over a week away (October 5th), and I found an updated--and quite impressive--list of participating restaurants. We're now up to 78 restaurants (I'm not counting New Hyde Park because I don't view that as Queens - feel free to disagree).

Here's the list that I spotted today on Edible Queens. Astoria is the strongest representative with 22 participants followed by Bayside with 11, LIC and Forest Hills with 7 and so on.

Most of the prix-fixes are $25 per person but some offer 2 for $25 specials. You can see details about each offer here.

I'm only including a full list of Astoria and LIC participants but you can access the complete list here.

As seen in Edible Queens:


Aegean Cove, 20-01 Steinway St., Astoria, 718-274-9800

Balu Café, 37-11 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-2258

Barril Grille, 30-18 Broadway, Astoria, 718-545-8498

Bizaare Avenue Café, 35-01 36th St., Astoria, 718-937-1234

Campagnola Cucina Italiana, 36-02 35th Ave., Astoria, 718-392-8989

Cavo, 42-18 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-721-1001

Christos Steakhouse, 41-08 23rd Ave., Astoria, 718-777-8400

Fresh Juice Bar & Health Eatery, 38-01 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-3737

Gandhi Haute Cuisine of India, 34-14 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-956-7555

Las Margaritas, 38-01 Broadway, Astoria, 718-777-1707

Mezzo Mezzo, 31-29 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, 718-278-0444

Momento Bistro, 29-35 Newtown Ave., Astoria, 718-267-2771

Ovelia Psistaria Bar, 34-01 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-721-7217

Pinocchio Palace, 32-02 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-932-4976

Ponticello, 46-11 Broadway, Astoria, 718-278-4514

Portobello Pizzeria Restaurant, 43-18 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, 718-204-8766

Punta Dura, 41-15 34th Ave., Astoria, 718-721-2137

Seva (lamb biryani pictured above), 30-07 34th St., Astoria, 718-626-4440

Taverna Sophia, 34-21 34th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-0303

Time Café, 44-18 Broadway, Astoria, 718-606-0500

Zenon Taverna, 34-10 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-956-0133

Zlata Praha, 28-48 31st St., Astoria, 718-721-6422


Court Square Diner, 45-30 23rd St., Long Island City, 718-392-1222

Da Gianni's, 21-50 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-707-0442

La Vuelta, 10-43 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-361-1858

Renaissance Steakhouse, 27-34 21st St., Long Island City, 718-274-4590

Riverview Restaurant & Lounge, 2-01 50th Ave., Long Island City, 718-392-5000

Tournesol, 50-12 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, 718-472-4355

Waters' Edge, The East River at 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-482-0033


  1. it's difficult to choose one since the menus aren't listed.

  2. I know - they don't have it posted. Maybe call a restaurant that you're interested in and ask what they'll be featuring. My guess is that the restaurant week menus are not made up yet - restaurants work these things out last minute. But that's just a hunch.

  3. 78 restaurants so far gives you plenty of variety and great choices for the upcoming restaurant week. If you haven't been, be sure to check out some of your favorites and make some new ones too:-)



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