Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Birthday at SHI - Chic and Fabulous

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, with a small family and close friends dinner at SHI. It was the perfect way to ring in the end of my 20's, and while I've eaten here on several occasions, below are some of the new dishes that I tried:

Homestyle Steamed Bao - These are the pot sticker-looking things pictured on top and they were delicious. The portion was large, with six sizeable pieces filled with meat, served with a side of soy dipping sauce. I liked how light they were and how silky the exterior felt - overall, a great starter.

Lychee Calamari - Another interesting appetizer, it included fried calamari with pieces of fried lychees, which were super sweet. Paired with a sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with fresh scallions and peppers, I think it was a step up from traditional fried calamari.

Salmon Teriyaki - This was Vicky's entree and I loved it. The teriyaki sauce is what made it awesome - tangy, slightly sweet yet still savory. The fish was cooked nicely and was on the medium side, which I like. Vicky seemed to enjoy it too and finished her portion.

Spicy Basil Beef - Leave it up to the Texan, Kimberly, to choose something fiery. She loved it and went as far as to say that she'd get it again. I tried it and agreed with her--very yummy and not too spicy. The basil flavoring was nice, rounding out the dish with freshness and nice aroma. It was also great that veggies such as red onions, carrots and peppers were incorporated.

Sweet and Sour Chicken - Fiana chose this traditional Chinese entree and she wasn't disappointed. I tried it too and loved the crunchy batter and the soft, juicy white-meat interior. The sauce was nice and not too thick - again interspersed with veggies such as peppers, onions and carrots, adding freshness and zing.

Pineapple Fried Rice - Peter's choice of entree was surprising but he seemed happy with it, adding chicken as the protein. It was a good summer dish, including fruits and veggies such as juicy pineapple chunks, scallions, carrots and even dried cranberries.

Dan Ang Vermicelli - Eric's dish, which I didn't try included various seafood such as shrimp, scallops, mussels and squid with crispy vermicelli noodles. I'm assuming that he liked it because he finished it, also mentioning that his mom got it before and loved it.

Service and Cost:
The service was good with a couple of minor hiccups with the drinks. It wasn't anything to complain about, and it was especially lovely that SHI was accommodating to us bringing in outside dessert. They didn't charge us for it and were gracious by serving it with a birthday candle. They also sang Happy Birthday to me, which made the vibe more festive.

This group dinner including drinks (in some cases two per person), 4 appetizers and 8 entrees set people back $49 per person with tax and tip (it would've been $43 but my guests treated me - thank you!)

A really funny thing to check out are the peepholes in the bathrooms. Located under the mirrors in both the guys and girls bathrooms, you'll encounter a very comical surprise if you look into them. I won't reveal the secret, so you'll have to go there personally and check it out.

SHI - 47- 20 Center Blvd, Long Island City NY 11101
Reservations: 347-242-2450 Take Out: 347-242-2448
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue


  1. Happy Birthday, Foodista! You kid, you...
    from old me

  2. Mmmm--I am still thinking about that spicy beef!! Y-U-M! I'd like to add that the waitress kindly offered to "take it down a notch," as Emeril would say. She aimed to please without simultaneously making me feel like a culinary weakling. Also, my ginger mojito was delicious. SHI definitley approaches its cocktail menu with more of a mixology philosophy than most, with a focus on fresh, quality concoctions. Lovely way to toast the Fab Foodista!

  3. Thanks Kimberlah - glad that you enjoyed yourself. I did too- immensely!



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