Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Curry - Another Modern Thai Option

Green Curry - 35-13 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria NY 11105
N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)

I've been hearing about several new Thai eateries that recently opened up on Ditmars Blvd. One of these more modern restaurants, includes Green Curry authentic Thai cuisine. It looks appealing inside - I grabbed a menu and was interested in some of their offerings. A sampling of their cuisine includes the following. Oh and notice the affordability factor, it's a definite draw.

Golden Taro - Crispy shredded taro wrapped with tofu skin; served with a special tamarind sauce...$5.95

Chicken Puffs - Ground chicken, potato, water chestnut, onion, carrot and curry powder wrapped in a Thai pastry...$5.95

Thai Dumplings - Ground chicken/shrimp, water chestnut, mushroom and carrot wrapped in wonton skin; served with sweet soy sauce...$5.95

Mee-Grob - Shrimp, chicken and crispy rice noodles mixed with a tamarind sauce...$7.95

Tom Kha Gai Soup - Pieces of chicken cutlet cooked in coconut milk, sliced galanga, fresh lime juice and chili pepper...$4.95 bowl....$9.95 hot pot

Yums - Authentic Thai Spicy Salads:
Nam Sod - Well cooked ground pork marinated with roasted chili, peanut, fresh lime juice and shredded ginger...$8.95

Yum Goon Chieng - Chinese sausage marinated with fresh lime juice, chili pepper, tomato, cucumber and red onion...$8.95

Pad Woon Sen - Sauteed shrimp and chicken with bean thread noodles, mushroom, baby corn, egg and napa...$10.95

Goy See Mee - Soft egg noodles topped with gravy, chicken cutlet and vegetables...$9.95

Lard Na (Choice of beef, chicken or pork) - Sauteed broad noodles topped with broccoli in black bean gravy...$10.95

Veggie Options:
Pad Broccoli - Sauteed broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce...$7.95

Tofu with Mixed Vegetables - Sauteed tofu and fresh vegetables in a golden brown sauce...$8.95

Veggie Duck Basil - Sauteed veggie duck with chili-garlic sauce, onion, basil leaves and strips of chili pepper

Entrees (Meat or Fish): beef, chicken or pork...$9.95, shrimp...$11.95
Pad Priew Wan - Thai sweet & sour sauce with pineapple, tomato, onion and cucumber

Pad Kraung Keang - Red curry sauce with onion, chili and fresh sweet basil

Pad Khing - Black bean sauce with shredded ginger, mushroom, chili pepper and scallion

Keang Massaman - Sauteed meat with massaman curry paste, coconut milk, potato, onion and peanut

Pla Lard Prik - One of the most popular Thai dishes; deep-fried red snapper topped with a special sweet and spicy tamarind chili sauce...$18.95

Pla Jiean - Deep-fried red snapper topped with a combination sauce made of ginger, mushroom, and ground pork...$18.95

Pla Chu Chee - Hearty, aromatic herbal curry fish dish. Deep-fried red snapper with red curry sauce, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves...$18.95

They also offer a daily lunch special for $7.95 from Monday - Friday between 11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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