Monday, July 13, 2009

Manducatis Rustica - A Refreshing Summer Snack

On our way back from LIC's Greenmarket this weekend, we treated ourselves to some gelato from Manducatis Rustica. Vicky and I have been there before--and loved it--but we wanted to introduce it to my mom who immediately appreciated its rustic, homemade charm. We browsed around and looked at the fun kitchen knick-knacks and then proceeded to admire the gelato.

We were in the mood for something fruity so we each ordered a small serving of different flavored fruit gelato. I got the banana, Vicky went for the passion fruit and my mom opted for the apricot. They were all fresh and a perfect little treat to snack on. I liked Vicky's passion fruit the best, followed by my mom's apricot. Unfortunately, I didn't care for mine because it had too much of a banana taste, if that makes any sense. The flavor was too strong for me and it would've been nice if mixed with some nuts or even chocolate chunks.

I think that next time I'll go for my beloved nocciola (hazelnut).

A small cup of gelato is $2.50, setting our grand total for 3 cups at $7.50, which is quite affordable. You can sit outside on Manducatis' little bench (pictured above) and enjoy it until you're done.

Manducatis Rustica - 46-35 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101
7 Train to Vernon Blvd/Jackson Avenue


  1. So nice to see your mom in there! I hate gelato-envy. Or ordering wrong, especially when it generates feelings of jealousy. I love a combo of mango sorbet with dark chocolate gelato. (Can't just get fruit anything unless I get something brown as well.)

  2. Mmmmm that sounds really good - pairing chocolate gelato with fruit. I should've thought of that. Next time!



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