Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malagueta - The Steak was a Hit

Malagueta - 25-35 36th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106
N/W Train to 36th Avenue

I recently had a romantic dinner with Dan at Malagueta, mainly because I wanted to introduce it to him and also because I was craving their Moqueca de Camarao (shrimp stew, palm oil, onions, peppers, coconut milk and cilantro). Besides getting that and the already-tried Brazilian sausage with fried yucca, Dan ordered the most delicious steak that I wanted to highlight here:

Broiled Steak - Brazilians are known for their steak so Dan, a serious meat eater, was eager to try it. Malagueta's broiled steak over-delivered on all counts--presentation, taste and texture. The cut was a classic filet mignon and it was cooked perfectly, medium-rare. The mashed potatoes were also nice, although not overly exciting--again seasoned well and not too heavy.

The sauteed spinach was my favorite component and I pretty much finished most of Dan's portion--it was so crispy that I thought it had been fried. It tasted more like spinach chips rather than unexciting sauteed spinach--I asked how the chef prepared it but I didn't get a straight answer. I would definitely like to make this style of spinach at home if I learned how.

Service and Cost:
Our servers were hospitable and friendly but also lax. We liked that, as we were looking for a romantic evening without too many disruptions. Just perfect--I'd highly recommend it for an intimate meal.

A lovely dinner consisting of an appetizer, two entrees and two drinks set us back about $35 per person including tax and tip. Muito sabroso!

3 Mmmms


  1. Ahhhhh omg how funny! I just realized you posted on Malagueta!! How amazing is that shrimp dish? I am really salivating over here now...must get there at some point this summer.

  2. Great minds think alike. Love Malagueta! We'll go again this summer :)

  3. Malagueta might be the best sit-down place in Astoria. I'm not a huge steak guy (not lately, at least), but their shell steak (with the mushroom sauce on top) is just ridiculous. Puts to shame a lot of the steaks at established steakhouses.



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