Sunday, June 28, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies - My Version

A couple of weeks back, Guest Foodista Vicky blogged about Martha Stewart's interesting recipe for Banana, Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They looked so good and the addition of banana appealed so much to me that I decided to make them too.

Unfortunately, I didn't have walnuts so I substituted almonds, which gave the cookies a nice bite. The oats were omitted by accident and I found that I didn't miss them at all.

I loved treating my family, friends and co-workers to these cookies, and they all commented about the unexpected--and wonderful--banana flavor. And while this recipe isn't difficult to make, I'd suggest trying it more than once, since like most things, it gets easier with practice. I found my first batch too soft and the second improved in texture--the cookies having a firm exterior and a soft, chewy interior. Here's the recipe again if you'd like to try it. It passed Guest Foodista Vicky's test, and I was so pleased!

1 comment:

  1. delightful! and they do look (and taste) really good :)



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