Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back from Eastern Europe

Pictured above - My home city of Kosice, Slovakia

Hi Readers,

I'm officially back in town as of yesterday - a special thanks to Guest Foodista Vicky for holding down the fort so well. I hope that you've enjoyed her excellent content.

I had a great time visiting my home country, Slovakia, where I was seeing family and dear friends. While the weather wasn't ideal, I made the best of my experience and have tons of delicious tid-bits to share with you. From delicate ice cream to homemade Hungarian cherry soup and even an Eastern European spin on the classic burger, I'll cover my many food adventures from abroad. But, I'll also make sure to keep you abreast of the latest and greatest Astorian developments, as I had a chance to explore several restaurants this weekend. It'll be a rich week so I hope that you read up.


The Foodista


  1. welcome back to the states! I enjoyed Eastern Europe when I visited there 2 years ago. Can't wait to read your reviews. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm excited to write about everything.

  3. Nazdar! :) (I hope that means more or less the same in Slovak as it does in Czech.) Love your blog! I'm a happy Astorian--moved from Prague--and am grateful for all your updates on the food scene here. Best wishes--

  4. That is so nice! I'm glad that you like Astoria and my blog :) Thanks for your feedback Erin.



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