Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swedish Fish Event - Oh How Sweet It Is...

I was super excited to be invited to a sweet event at Dylan's Candy Bar in honor of a candy classic, the Swedish Fish. The top floor of Dylan's was transformed into a yellow and red paradise--these being the signature colors of the candy and its packaging. The decor was nostalgic and whimsical with fish tanks full of Swedish Fish, a super-sized Swedish Fish photo-op station and lets not forget the specialty Swedish Fish nibbles and cocktails. I was surprised and tickled at how inventive the folks who organized the event were with the food and drink--from the Swedish Fish-Tini to Swedish Fish Sushi, this party had it all.

I was able to get the recipes to the above mentioned cocktail and sushi novelties. Give them a try--impress guests or make them just for fun:

The Swedish Fish-tini:
Citrus-flavored vodka
Cranberry juice
Lime juice

1 Swedish fish for garnish (you can either leave it floating on top or stick it in a stirrer).

Swedish Fish Sushi:
Although the sushi that I sampled at the party used real sticky rice, this one uses Rice Krispie Treats, which make it even more indulgent. I liked the rice because it neutralized the sweetness from the other ingredients, but you can try the Rice Krispie Treats as a substitute--whatever strikes your fancy.

Swedish Fish
Rice Krispie Treats
Fruit Roll-Ups

Cut Rice Krispie Treats into desired shape (like a traditional sushi rice mound, i.e., small and rounded). Place Swedish Fish on top of rice treat mound. Cut Fruit Roll-Up into small strips and wrap one strip around the Swedish Fish and rice treat to secure.

Enjoy these novelties and let me know how they turned out.


  1. hi foodista--do you by any chance have the exact ratio (or an expert suggestion) for mixing the drink ingredients? i would love to try it out! the event looked so fun!

  2. The event was great! I will find out the ratio but it might be equal parts. I'll get back to ya.



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