Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foodista's App Platter - Impress Your Guests!

As I was telling you, Dan and I entertained two of our good friends, Lauren and Keith, last week. Even though we were going out to dinner, I wanted to be hospitable and provide some fun snacks for them to munch on. So...I put together this yummy--and eclectic--app platter. It was fun to arrange this food medley on a festive platter, especially if you have a nice, rustic one such as the one you see here--courtesy of our friends Julie and Josh.

Here's how you can put this bad boy together:

Ingredients (these are my suggestions but you can substitute with anything that you love and crave):

A bunch of seedless red grapes (you can use green too), broken into small bunches
A ripe peach, sliced
1/2 block or 4.4 oz of good brie (I like Camembert Le Chatelain)
A couple of slices or cubes (4 oz) of fresh mozzarella cheese
6-8 generous slices of peppered salami (I like Daniele brand). After slicing, cut them in half.
3-4 generous bunches of pita chips or other chips

Arrange all ingredients on the platter in small quantities so that everything is in bite-sized pieces. Spread ingredients across the platter and alternate them so you have a nice color contrast and variety on a plate.

Your guests will be impressed by this food medley and while it's simple to make, it shows effort and good entertaining skills. Try one out for yourself and take a picture of it. I'll display it for everyone to see.

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