Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oceano - Seafood with Latino Flair

Oceano Seafood Bar & Grill - 35-02 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105
N/W Train to Ditmars Blvd (last stop)

On my way to Inside Astoria, I spotted a new restaurant called Oceano, which took the place of a French restaurant. I took notice of the menu but it didn't take too much of my interest until my friend Margot mentioned it to me the other day. I investigated some more and the place is fully open for dinner from 4p-11p on the weekdays and from 4p-12a on weekends.

Oceano offers up eclectic food options, which include a fusion of seafood, Latin and Mediterranean fare. Entrees range from a typical Chilean Sea Bass to a more exotic Churrasco con Chimichurri (grilled skirt steak with Chimichurri sauce). The prices are moderate to slightly expensive for Astoria, with most entrees in the low-mid $20 range.

Check out a glimpse of their menu here:

Hot Appetizers:

Coconut Shrimp - With Chipotle mayo sauce...$11

Mussels - In garlic white wine sauce...$11

Empanada - Beef or chicken turnovers...$7

From the Sea: (Served with choice of roasted potatoes or yellow rice and vegetable of the day)

Pistachio Crusted Salmon Steak - Served in a creamy dijon mustard sauce...$19

Stuffed Filet of Sole - With crabmeat and shrimp in a white wine butter sauce...$22

Blackened Tilapia or Sauteed Marnier - With toasted almonds...$19

Latino Cuisine:

Ropa Vieja - Shredded skirt steak braised in garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and peppers nestled in a tropical plantain basket served with congri...$17

Churrasco con Chimichurri - Grilled skirt steak with traditional Chimichurri sauce with cassava and congri...$22

Filete de Lubina a lo Mocho - Pan seared striped bass filet with shrimp and calamari in a spicy tomatillo sauce...$24

I haven't heard too much commotion about Oceano yet but if you've been there, please give me a shout and let me know your opinion.


  1. this place is on it's way out after a short life. again, maybe we'll get something decent to replace it.

  2. Forget about this place. We ordered pasta with lobster, mussels, and clams and red sauce, and we got lobster in garlic sauce. The owner himself took our order, he did not ask us if we still wanted the dish with the wrong sauce and no clams and mussels. When we approached him, he said the garlic sauce was better and we should be happy that we got extra lobster and no clams/mussels. What an idiot. We are the paying customers, he acted like he was doing us a favor by giving us a dish that we did not order. Arrogant and stupid. If this is the attidute of the owner to the customers, easy to see why this place is empty.



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