Saturday, March 29, 2008

Insomnia Cookies - No Longer for Students Only

Insomnia Cookies - 50 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011
V/F/1/2/3 Train to West 4th Street

I heard about the opening of the first brick-and-mortar Insomnia Cookies store in NY Magazine's Restaurant Openings section. The company was founded by ambitious college students as a way to solve the college late night snack dilemma. But what drew me to Insomnia was their cookies' unusual anatomy. A cookie is made up of three individual parts, which are chosen by you--its creator--and can include rich flavors such as M&Ms, white chocolate macadamia, snickers and much more!

But how is this magical cookie made?
Well it's simple. The creative geniuses behind this sweet operation cut each giant cookie into thirds. They put them back together, now incorporating the flavors of your choice and re-bake them to order. The result? A gorgeously sweet sensation and a beautiful marriage of three incredible ingredients.

Where to get these?
Check em out at their newly opened store on West 8th Street in Manhattan. Store hours are until 3:00a and delivery hours end at 2:30a, making this the perfect late-night snack. In addition to New York, you can access Insomnia Cookies through college campuses around the country--from Cornell University to Virginia Tech.

Special Dough Deals
Insomnia prices are inexpensive for traditional cookies ($.90 each). Brownies are $1 each and $.25 extra for special toppings. A magic three-part cookie will set you back $6 since it's made up of three separate cookies--and you must buy all three. Some other specials include:

The Sugar Rush: 12 cookies for $11
The Major Rager: 18 cookies for $16
The Big Man on Campus: 24 cookies for $19

The cookies come in a kitschy pizza box--a fun presentation for a novelty item and a truly exceptional treat.

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