Friday, February 8, 2008

Farmer's Market Fridays

I decided to make every Friday an official Farmer's Market Day on the Foodista! Why? Why NOT?!

I'm a big supporter of the Union Square Greenmarket, which brings you alternative and organic foods, sold by hard-working local farmers. I usually drop in to see what's going on in the market, every week--and every week, I discover something new and cool. Whether a new style of bread, various chutneys or flavorful turkey sausage this place has it all. The coolest part for me is getting to meet the people who actually plant, grow, cook or bake this food. It's a little bit old school mixed in with the new.

Here are highlights from today's visit:

DiPaola Turkey Farm: They were giving out some yummy sausage samples today and I must've gone back at least three times. It didn't taste too much like turkey and I actually thought it was pork before I looked at their sign--DUH! The sample I tasted was infused with aromatic spices like rosemary and cumin--good stuff. Buy it for $6.49/lb.

Beth's Farm Kitchen - Jams and Chutneys: This stand had a full sampling station of various jams and chutneys with a basket of sliced crusty bread. I tried the chutneys because I thought they were more unusual. There were many choices but I went for the hot plum and then the cranberry-horseradish. The latter was such an interesting combination and I simply loved it. The sweet cranberry was offset so nicely by the spicy horseradish. I'd probably buy this for a cocktail party and spread it on buttery crackers or even focaccia bread. Buy a 16 oz. jar for $8.

Tremblay Apiaries - Honey, honey...suga, suga... This place is suweet! I sampled the wildflower honey and boy did it keep me smiling. It wasn't too thick and had a fragrant berry aftertaste that was soothing and just really lovely. This would be a nice treat for someone with a cold to put in hot herbal tea. Just a suggestion...You can get if for $4/lb. They also have some beautiful hand-crafted candles--check 'em out.

And look at this adorable cutie pie I found chillin' by the Goat Cheese stand. He's gorgeous and I just couldn't resist a quick glamour shot.

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  1. The Foodista was also kind enough to (accidentally) hook me up with a brand new variety of Stone Arch Farms bread from the Farmer's market--I had never tried the banana before today. My favorite is still Banana Chip, but this one was yummy, too.

    I was too lazy to get it myself, but Foodista came through--one of the benefits of being both besties & coworkers with this yummy gal!!



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