Monday, February 11, 2008

Dan's Superbowl and Grub Ruminations

Super Bowl XL II was a week ago, and this year we went to my brother and sister-in-law’s apartment. We did the same thing last year (And the year before that. And that. And that…).

This year’s event was probably the most memorable one. A big part of that reason is of course the monumental and rousing achievement of the New York Football Giants as they beat the stuffing out of Tom Brady’s butt-chin, and shocked the world by slaying the un-slayable dragon that was the New England Patriots. I think it is safe to say, without the slightest bit of exaggeration, that Eli Manning’s performance in that game is the single most impressive feat in the entire history of human evolution to this point. (Okay, perhaps with a slight bit of exaggeration).

But as this is Foodista’s blog, I must also make mention of the other reason that this party was more memorable that the others. I am talking about the food. The food was good. Delicious in fact. Almost as delicious as, say, the taste of the Giants stunning upset over the glorious and unstoppable juggernaut that was the New England Patriots. Eff the Patriots. Eff Tom Brady. Eff Bill Belichick. ELIIIII!!! ELIIIIIIIII!!! E—

Sorry. Back to the food.

Delicious. It seemed as if Josh and Di stepped it up a notch from previous years. The four-foot hero was an obvious hit--can’t go wrong with a big sandwich. Another surprisingly good contribution was Carla’s Jello shots--pineapple Jello with coconut rum. Another new addition to the party this year was Diana’s queso fundido—and she purchased a crock-pot specifically for this reason. Melted cheese, salsa, nachos--a timeless classic, it works well. My cousin Lauren’s cupcakes were also sensational. They were light and fluffy, soft-ball sized, and covered in dark chocolate/buttercream icing. The only problem with the spread was the way in which Blondies, the bar that Josh and Di visit at least 3 times a week, totally screwed the pooch with the Buffalo wings. The order was in days prior to the game, and when they called and asked why the wings hadn’t shown up yet; Blondies lied and said they were en-route. Then they said they lost the order, and sorry, that’s a shame isn’t it. Eff Blondies. Eff Blondies, Eff the Patriots. Eli.

Relief from total wing disaster came when we ordered from a different bar around the corner--The Crow’s Nest. They came through in a hurry, which was fortunate. Alas, they were not as delicious as Blondies wings, but as I said a moment ago, Eff Blondies.

Now, though, I must get to what I thought was the best and most enjoyable dish at the party: Foodista’s mac and cheese of course. And I know you all think I am biased, and Foodista is in fact looking over my shoulder as I write these words. (Really, she’s right here). But in all honesty, and with the same level of exaggeration as before, her mac and cheese is a culinary miracle on par with—yes, I dare say it—Eli “Jesus Christ” Manning to David Tyree. The greatest play in the history of sport, the miracle of miracles, undeniably thrilling to all who witnessed it. Much like Foodista’s mac and cheese and all the delicious Super Bowl food we gorged on, it was truly memorable.

Go Super Bowl Sunday food.

Go G-men.

Eff Blondies.

Eff the Patriots.



  1. Loved the review, def want to try the mac and cheese made by the foodista, sounds so yummy, so funny about the wings but hey at least it all worked out in the end, the Giants delivered!!!! History was made!

  2. That's right LISER! From Dan.



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